Tulum, Mexco Getaway!

Jay Z said it, "you could be anywhere in the world right now, but you're here with me." For those that work too hard, need to relax in the sun and sand even harder, and desire a getaway far from LA, be here with us as Hot 8 Yoga goes to Tulum, Mexico this October. Led by Marja Lankinen and Omar Lopez, two of the hottest instructors at the #1 yoga studio in Los Angeles, they will take you from stress and cell phones to serenity in the sand as we spend five days and four nights loving life at Amansala Eco-Resort in Tulum, Mexico. Days spent snorkeling, being pampered with massage/facial options, and, of course, three-a-day meditation and yoga classes as nights are filled with salsa lessons, tribal drumming, and optional yin classes that will bliss out even the hardest of sleepers as the stars and sea calm the busy mind. Come for the workout, work-in, or un-work and you've come to the right retreat. Yes, you could be anywhere in the world this fall, but why not be in paradise with us? - Marja Lankinen