Why Yoga Saves My Soul

So often, in the craziness of life, we tend to forget the importance of stillness. And I don’t think this is necessarily in direct relation to Los Angeles, or Big City Living, or even America Living. I think it’s human nature to need to keep moving, to keep striving, to be the best. First of all, I think this is what makes our world incredible. These people, the “go getter’s”, they keep us all motivated. But what about silence? What about peace? And second of all, this question is why Yoga saves my soul. The daily grind is our “yang” or “yong” practice, this is our need to be great( important and amazing) and our need to feel worthy (also amazing). This yang practice is high energy, give it your all, can’t get enough kind of stuff. The “yin” practice is equally as important, it keeps us balanced, it keeps us focused, and it brings the peace that we all long for so deeply. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in my own practice, how I feel so desperate to keep moving, to hold handstand, to do an extra chaturanga. But what about breathing a little deeper? Taking a little bit longer to move into Warrior 2? Or even coming to child’s pose when everyone else is movie GASP? I believe in the Power of Stillness, and the power of being still with one’s self. While the yang energy is so important, as is balance. Personally, I believe the most powerful and influential people in the world make time to check in, and find their own stillness and groundedness. These go-getters are my yin and yong inspiration. That is my challenge, and I’m realizing where I will be able to find my peace. - Brit Middleton