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"I practice at Hot 8 Yoga twice a week, religiously..." Read More


inTouch Magazine – Jessica Alba visits Hot 8 Yoga

Jessica Alba visits Hot 8 Yoga... Read More


inTouch Magazine - Jessica Alba visits Hot 8 Yoga



Pink Talks Fitness: "I'd Love to be 10 Pounds Thinner, but It's Not in the Cards for Me"

There's no doubt that Pink is a rock star with a rock-hard physique! But it may please her fans to know that the singer actually has to work hard to achieve her fabulously fit form—unlike those stars who frustratingly claim they can eat whatever they want. The blond beauty, who opens up about her intense workout routines—yes, plural!—as the October cover girl of Women's Health magazine, reveals she regularly hits the gym five times a week, logging in time doing everything from circuit training to treadmill intervals, and often calling on trainer Jeanette Jenkins for a little extra push. Read the full article >


Vegan rocker Pink credits hot yoga for tight abs

Singer Pink credits hot yoga and a mostly vegan diet for her chiseled abs and 60-pound post-baby weight loss "My favorite workout right now is hot yoga," Pink told Women's Health. "But my favorite workout in general is my show, being onstage, because I get to have fun while I'm sweating! I don't even know how many calories I'm burning." Read the full article >


How Jessica Alba Lives and Diets in LA

QUESTION: Where do you go to get your sweat on? JESSICA ALBA: “Jen Johnson’s dance studio is super fun. You’re dancing and the music is loud and you don’t feel like it’s a workout, which is what I love. She also does private lessons so if you’re uncoordinated and you don’t want to show everyone your sweet moves, you can try it alone. I also like Hot 8 Yoga and I like Flywheel a lot.”


Going for a full drench in a hot power yoga class

Walking into one of the studios at Hot 8 Secrets Yoga in Santa Monica, I feel like I’ve crossed wholesale nfl jerseys into a different cheap nba jerseys latitude. The Scores temperature Rooting is Nba 100 degrees, and the moisture in the air is palpable — think tropical rain forest or Southern bayou. Everyone Like is lying on mats, eyes wholesale nfl jerseys closed.


Here’s What It’s Like To Do Hot Yoga With Russell Simmons

This wholesale jerseys is Russell Simmons standing cheap NFL jerseys in Energy front of Unexpected Hot 8 Magical Yoga wholesale NFL jerseys Studios with his two daughters, Ming and Aoki. Hot 8 Yoga is located in Beverly Jet Hills, and as the cheap NFL jerseys name Neue suggests, it cheap jerseys specializes in yoga performed in the midst of extreme heat and humidity. Russell loves it.


Anna Paquin's All Day Energy Secrets

Q: Any other workouts youre into?

A: I do The Bar Method. Then there’s also this place called Hot 8 Yoga, and they do [Yoga Barre]. Its like The Bar Method, but its, like, 105 degrees. Its psycho, but kind of awesome. You sort of want to die immediately. I generally have this, well, if I didn’t leave sort of hating life a little, I didn’t get my moneys worth.

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