5 Trendiest Ways Locals (And Celebs) Keep Fit in Santa Monica

au-newsAustralia's Allison Stephenson published this piece as a result of her visit to Santa Monica last month – a standalone article on the five best ways to keep fit during a visit to Santa Monica. Guess who made the list? You got it. We did. News.com.au is Australia’s most popular news website with 3.7 million unique viewers monthly. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE >


Women's Health UK Visits Santa Monica

womens-health-uk-2016We are so happy to share the Women’s Health UK coverage that resulted from Anna Hart’s media visit to Santa Monica late last year. The six-page standalone cover feature highlights Santa Monica as the ‘fittest city on earth’ and does a beautiful job positioning Santa Monica as the international epicenter of health and wellness trends. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE >


Downtown Santa Monica: A Trip to Hot 8 Yoga

romy5 An excerpt from Romy Schorr's blog on Santa Monica Centric

Downtown Santa Monica: A Fab & Festive Holiday Shopping Destination Filled With Healthy Lifestyle Retailers

Now that I was sporting a comfy hip fitness outfit that embodied the perfect laid back Santa Monica vibe, I was ready to workout. So, I decided to checkout the much raved about Hot 8 Yoga at 1422 Second Street in Santa Monica. I took a Hot Yoga-1 hour class, which is a foundational class consisting of 26 static postures balancing every system of the body at temperatures between 105-109 degrees. I adore hot yoga so I am used to the hot temps, but this class was a Bikram style class which is somewhat different than my usual classes. There was no music and it was more focused, intense and serious and loved every cleansing moment of it! My teacher Chelsea was top notch, very encouraging and her words of wisdom really resonated with me; I loved the large gong she played to symbolize the end of class; the studio was comfortable and clean; the staff was nice and helpful and probably my favorite extra touch at this Hot 8 Yoga studio was the cold eucalyptus towels that they have available to refresh yourself after this intensely sweaty workout. FAB! It’s the perfect place for you to sweat out those excess holiday toxins and they welcome beginners! Click here to read the full article >