Hot 8 Yoga Foundations

I’ve always been inspired by the first yoga sutra. ‘Yogash chittah vritti nirodahah’, when translated from Sanskrit to English, means ‘Now, The Inquiry of Yoga’… or, ‘Now, This Is Yoga.’ My intrigue was further fueled by the second yoga sutra, when translated to English reads ‘Yoga is the stilling of the movement of the mind.’ Really? I thought I was just here to exercise. I become a yoga instructor under the impression that I would be teaching people how to stretch. My own experience of transforming my body through the small amount of yoga I had practiced beforehand propelled me to share the benefits with others. Little did I know, the deeper I fell into my yoga training, I started to realize what yoga really is. There’s a reason I feel a certain way after a yoga class. It is different than any other type of workout, in that I feel strong and relaxed. My body feels light, and my mind feels peaceful. I now understand the intricate dance between alignment of the body and the mind. The importance of breath work in yoga is the key to bridging the gap between the body and the mind. Hot 8 Foundations serves as a platform to dive deeper into the roots of the yoga practice; to learn what to do and why you’re doing it. It is a unique opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and to receive answers that will bring you to the next level in your practice. I am honored to share some of the gems and treasures that lie beneath the surface. Namaste! - Shayna Hiller