Why you should try Yoga Teacher Training even if you don’t want to become a teacher!

Posted on December 16, 2016

Whether you are interested in simply learning more about yoga, becoming self-employed, or adding teaching to your life, a YTT can be the perfect route. If you haven’t been able to find your community quite yet within your yoga practice, joining a YTT will lead you right to your yoga family. Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of like-minded people will give you the comfort and ease to dig deeper. And this will be just the beginning of your family! Many people leave YTT with a more spiritual-rooted practice that they hadn’t reached before taking classes and with their practice at home. It’s an amazing feeling to come to such a place of self-discovery in a communal space.

Yoga Teacher Trainings aren’t just for aspiring teachers. Taking a teacher training is an amazing way to delve deeper into your favorite style of yoga. It will help you achieve or get closer to your goals in yoga, whether it be in your physical, mental or spiritual practice. We all have different reasons for practicing, but we come together, connected as a community. You will learn about the 8 Limbs of Yoga, which are often cited as the philosophical basis for modern postural yoga. The sutras outline eight “limbs” of yoga, laying out a path for an aspiring yogi to follow.

Throughout the programs there will be focuses on different areas – from physical asana practice to breathwork and anatomy, to meditation and the yoga lifestyle, to the study of yoga philosophy and the business and ethics of yoga. A teacher training can really push the boundaries of what you thought your mind and body were capable of. So be prepared to experience a breakthrough ranging from the moment you find proper alignment in a pose, finally being able to truly meditate, or cultivating a deep sense of physical and emotional growth.

A decision you’ll have to make before trying a Yoga Teacher Training is which style you pursue. I would start off by looking at which classes you gravitate towards usually and which style do you feel the most passion for. I would recommend trying as many different classes that are offered and with different teachers and studios if that’s available to you. You never know if it’s a style or a teacher that may light the way for you! Trying out a new teacher or style each time you practice is a great way to ease out of your comfort zone. You will definitely need that skill (or attain it) for a YTT.

A YTT won’t only benefit your practice and your ability to teach, but it will also help you gain self-esteem and guide a team. You will find it easier to work with and guide colleagues, classmates, etc. toward a common goal. You may find yourself speaking more directly from the heart and with complete pure and honest intention. The most important part of the experience is you will continue to discover more and more about yourself. This is a personal journey that may bring rise to certain emotions you had found inaccessible before. Embrace this new awareness! The more you know and love yourself, the more you can connect with and support others. Find the connection between your own mind, body and breath. Let that set you free.

– Laura Lindlief