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Hot 8 Yoga Offers the Healthiest Heating System!
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Hot 8 Yoga has made every effort to care for the health of our yogis by ensuring that the air quality in the studios is well oxygenated, properly humidified and disinfected from harmful germs.

Many other power yoga studios and hot yoga studios lack the special equipment needed to maintain the air quality in their studios within a healthy range.

We developed our own state-of-the-art heating system that keeps our rooms full of oxygen and free from germs.


All of the air coming into our studio passes through ultraviolet lights killing 99.98% of all harmful bacteria. The result is fresh air that doesn’t smell and is not full of harmful bacteria. Throughout classes at other hot yoga studios, yogis are breathing in all the oxygen and filling the room with carbon dioxide and germs!!

Ever wonder why other hot yoga studio’s smell and Hot 8 Yoga does not? Because all hot yoga studios are not created equal. Hot 8 Yoga’s germicidal ultraviolet light rays will eliminate and destroy: bacteria, odor, mold & mildew, viruses, V.O.C.’s, cleaning chemicals, smog and other airborne pollution. The benefits of a clean air environment are enormous. Clean air will: help prevent colds and influenza, prevent headaches after class, provide relief from asthma, hay fever and sinus problems. It's also beneficial in reducing fatigue, allergies and upper respiratory problems. 

In addition to constantly purifying the air from harmful bacteria, Hot 8 Yoga installed a humidity system designed to remove excess humidity when too high or to add moisture when too dry. Experts agree that the optimal humidity when considering lung function for protection against colds, flu and other respiratory problems is around 40 to 50%. Because we live in a very dry climate, Hot 8 Yoga has installed humidifiers in each of its studios to achieve proper humidity levels. How do other studios get their studios humid? By using the sweat of everyone in the room.


Don't allow your yoga space and practice to be the thing that gets you sick. Learn how Hot 8 Yoga provides the cleanest and most efficient environment for its yogis to practice in. From our state-of-the-art climate control system to our UV-C bacteria and viral disinfectant procedures, our studios provide you with the most optimal conditions

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Learn about Hot 8 Yoga’s custom open-loop filtration system that uses state of the art monitoring systems, air purification and humidity control to deliver the optimal conditions for practicing yoga. By properly maintaining the oxygen levels in the room, purifying the air of toxins and bacteria, and keeping humidity at optimal levels through your time on the mat, we are delivering something no other Hot Yoga studio is doing in Los Angeles 

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Hot 8 Yoga has cared enough about your safety to install flooring that is slip resistant, hypo-allergenic and specifically designed for hot and humid environments. All of our studios have Ploy-Extruded Matting (PEM) an environmentally enhanced solution for flooring that virtually eliminates odors, moisture problems, and the hazards associated with other toxic flooring products. Without moisture, mold and bacteria don’t flourish, leaving the studio clean and fresh.

The flooring at Hot 8 Yoga is made out of PVC, which is the same material used to make yoga mats. The flooring at Hot 8 Yoga has better traction with wet bare feet than a Reebok Athletic Shoe! How’s THAT for safety!