Hot 8 Yoga is elevating the standard in yoga heating systems, by properly maintaining the oxygen levels in the room, purifying the air of toxins and bacteria, and keeping humidity at optimal levels.

Hot Hot Hot

Not heated by light but heated by hot clean air allows Hot 8 Yoga rooms to be the hottest while maintaining a safe environment for a sustainable practice.

Humidity not just Heat

The humidity component to the system is designed to add moisture when the air is too dry. Humidity is important to improve respiratory conditions and keep skin from drying out.

Fresh Smell Free Air

The air coming into each studio passes through ultraviolet lights killing 99.98% of all harmful bacteria that can cause hot yoga rooms to smell.

Healthy not Sick!

Hot 8 Yoga practice keeps you healthy - even from the air! Clean air will: help prevent colds and influenza, prevent headaches after class, provide relief from asthma, hay fever and sinus problems. It's also beneficial in reducing fatigue, allergies and upper respiratory problems.

Hot 8 Yoga Custom Open-loop Filtration System

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