What to Wear

  • Practice in clothes in which you are comfortable sweating
  • Sweat wicking or other similar material is recommended
  • Please no bathing suits or underwear

What to Bring

  • Bottle of water, no glass bottles allowed in the studio*
  • Yoga mat*
  • Mat towel, to cover the mat for practice – it will get sweaty*
  • Shower towel
  • LA ID to claim your free week

*We also have options to rent or buy

What to expect on your first visit

Parking, bring your ticket as some locations offer validation
Check in at the front desk
You may need to sign Hot 8 Yoga Liability Waiver
Mat, Towel and Water – rent or bring one
Get a tour of the studio and meet your teacher
Entering the room – honor silence, no phones and no shoes
During class – you will get sweaty, take breaks, stay in the room to the best of your ability
Heat – it may take 3 or more classes to acclimate to the heat
Post class – showers, salt water shot, connect with your teacher after class, stop by the front desk and sign up for your next class – we encourage you to try as many styles as you can
*Late students will not be admitted into the room. For safety reasons we have a strict 5 minute late policy

Helpful Tips

HYDRATE! Drink water before class for more endurance. Add real salts to water for effective hydration. Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class to maximize blood flow.

BE ON TIME! Entrance will not be granted after class begins. Practice saucha (cleanlinesess) when entering the studio. No shoes please!

HONOR SILENCE! In the studio before and after class. No cell phones.

STAY IN THE ROOM! It takes several classes for your central nervous system to acclimate. Honor your edge and stay with the teacher.

EUCALYPTUS TOWELS! Are rolled with love. Help conserve water. Please only take one.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF! We’re happy you’re here! Let the teacher know if you are pregnant, injured or have special needs.

ENJOY! Let go and trust. Remember this is a community practice.